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I started purchasing the "She Matters Journal" back in the fall when the first issue was released. I was instantly connected with the stories and women involved in this journal. There was something I gained, learned or even related to in each issue that I received. I cried with their stories or even shared a giggle. I love the rawness that this journal provides, and the tools it gives me to be able to dig deeper in my studies and growth with God. I always anticipate for the next issue to be released and now I'm so excited to see the new change of "She Matters" into "Dig Deep Co." If you are searching for a great way to dig deeper into the Word of God, this journal is something I would highly suggest to have alongside you and your Bible.

Christy F.

I love that it's so much more than just a journal! It serves as an outline of how you can spend your quiet time with Jesus and the beautiful articles in each journal are not only inspiring, but push you to further grow your own personal relationship with God. It honestly challenges you to dig deeper within yourself to be the person God intended you to be and to grow closer to Him, and I love that!

Ashley S.

It's like everything in ONE! It feels like it's a devotional, magazine, prayer log, journal, and bible study all in one. It feels like more of a journey than a journal.

Lindsey F.