Advent 2017

I've never grown up observing Advent and, honestly, never really knew exactly what it was. So, this season I am changing that, and I hope that you take this journey with me, too. 

I started researching what Advent meant and here is what I found. Advent is the Latin word for "coming" and is usually observed the four weeks before Christmas or sometimes from December 1 up to Christmas Day (this is how we will be doing it). It is the anticipation of the coming of Jesus to the world. But I don't think it is only for the celebration of Jesus coming to this world as a baby. I think it is a celebration of what is to come, too, when He returns. 

Advent is a great way to prepare your heart for Christmas and to be strategic about remembering the real reason for Christmas. Will you take this journey with me in studying the names of Jesus through this Advent season? If so, let's get started on the next blog.

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