Burning Heart. Burning House.

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Blood Boiling! Music Blaring! Speeding as fast as my heart is racing, because I heard all about it while I was driving.  


I want to tell them all how wrong they are! How they have the story ALL WRONG! How I was the one who was betrayed, and in ALL THE WAYS that I’ve been hurt and heartbroken. I want to tell the world! I want to set them all straight. Even the people who haven't even heard the rumors yet. Who have not formed some false opinion or perception of who I am and what I have or HAVEN’T done. I HAVE to tell them because I don’t deserve it! It’s not fair for them to think I’m some awful person who did awful things, when I haven’t. But…

I. AM. wrong.

And I’ll be even more wrong if I act on this anger that’s consumed my heart, and that desperately wants to flow from my heart into my hands and mouth and type out MY TRUTH to the world, to my friends, to strangers...to facebook.

I need to calm down. Chill out. And put out the heat out that is my temper, and that is affecting my heart and ultimately my actions. I need to see the reality of the situation and how my actions will truly change or affect the damage that I perceive as detrimental.

Truthfully, putting it on facebook, insta, twitter or even snapchat won’t change a thing. People will believe what they chose to believe, and then what? I’m even more hurt that I told my truth and people still believe the lies spread about me. And then they are spread even faster, like a wildfire burning down entire forests in days. People will come to look at the devastation because they see the smoke, and hear about it. People are curious by nature and lighting fires bring attention.

I. AM. angry.

And anger can lead to rushed judgement and regret. I need to remember that although I am angry, I am also a follower and in the Word I’m told that,

“Discretion will protect [me], And understanding will guard [me]” Proverbs 2:11

Venting to social media is a temporarily satisfying fix for anger. But it doesn’t heal. It doesn’t change your reality or your situation; and if it does change it- is it not for the worse? What’s your business should be your business. Your truth is just that...YOUR truth. It’s no one else’s, and why should it be? You and I must remember to protect ourselves by being discrete and not sharing your whole life story for the wrong reasons, or for reasons that you find justified for the time being.

OUR TRUTH is that we live in a world where it’s so easy to simply vent to social media, share our deepest thoughts and opinions and make things that are meant to be private, very public. I’m guilty of it. I’m sure you are too in some capacity. Because it’s just SO easy to find that validation when networking. Most likely your friends and family will hop on your post and verify your feelings, and validate what your saying. But why do we need their approval or validation? All this does is fan the fire in your life, that is burning in your heart. Who is it that truly matters? You? Your friends or family? Strangers? Or is it God that we should be more concerned with? Why look on their responses when you should be looking for His?

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding…” Proverbs 3:5

There will be times where you just want to understand WHY something happened, or why someone has turned on you, or why your luck just SUCKS! But, when those times come and leaning on your own understanding isn’t an option, remember that leaning on others isn’t always the best thing to do. No matter how close you are to them.

I. AM. human.

And to be human means having a lack of understanding in actions or purpose. At least for me. Yes, you may say that, “there’s a reason for everything.” But do you know the reasons behind your turmoil or grief? Do you know the outcome that is to come when it seems your world is burning to the ground? Probably not. And others in your life won’t know either. Especially those who don’t truly know you beyond your shared videos and profile pictures. Trust in Him in your times of need, and even in times of comfort.

“My son, do not let wisdom and understanding out of your sight,

Preserve sound judgement and discretion; They will be life for you…” Proverbs 3:21-22

When your heart is burning and the only relief you see is drowning your emotions on Facebook, or any other form of social media, remember to drink from the well that replenishes your soul. Avoid situations where you can find temporary relief from sharing your story to strangers or people who only light matches to fuel your fire. Your business should remain your business, no matter how easy it is to spread your life. The simple click of, “share” can destroy relationships, futures, past memories and people just as easily as a lit match can destroy forests, houses, and lives. I’ve been there and it’s so easy. It seems right, because everyone else is SO wrong. But it isn’t right and it’s not okay. Be discreet with your heartbreak. Lean on Him and not on others. Don’t fuel the fire in your burning heart when God is there to help you put it out. Who ever wanted to live in a burning house anyway?

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  • Mable on

    Sweet girl stay strong and keep you focus on the future. You will continue to be up and down for years. I know I have lived your pain and grief and forgiveness is a journey not a one time event. Holding you in my thoughts and prayers. Cousin Mable

  • Ann on

    This is so true.
    Too many times people (me) will put something out there because they are angry and it comes across the wrong way. Typing it out is so much easier, than facing it right on. Using scripture to back up your words was very powerful. Who can argue with THE WORD? Your last sentence was very well put, Who ever wanted to live in a burning house anyway? That is exactly how it is when tempers flair and the rage is out of control, you are burning up inside and it will cause you to explode before you know it. I KNOW FIRST HAND and I’ve worked hard (still working) to keep it under control. Well done!

  • Stewart on

    Katie, You made some valid points. Powerful statement: Who wants to live in a burning house, anyway? Thank you for sharing your transparent truth. Rise above and put God above everything. He will direct your path. Keep Smiling!

  • Marion Hall on

    Great message. Well written words from a heart that was shattered into a million pieces. Slowly
    putting all th parts back together with a whole lot of help from God.

  • Lee Williams on

    That was a very good read.I love the Bible verses.

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