He is the Bread of Life

In John 6:35, Jesus says that He is the Bread of Life. That anyone that comes to Him will never hunger and anyone that believes in Him will never thirst. 

This is one of the seven "I Am" statements made by Jesus. We Jesus compares Himself to bread he is saying that He is essential for our life. When we eat physical bread it eventually perishes, but He is the spiritual bread that brings us everlasting life. 

He is the most satisfying thing we could have in our life. Just think, when you don't spend quality time with Him you are starving yourself for something that your body needs to survive. Maybe not in the physical sense, but in the eternal.

Welcome to day 4 of Advent: He is the Bread of Life.

If you have the She Matters Journal, the Dig Deep section is the perfect tool to help you study the names of Jesus.


Read and write out John 6:35. 

What does this name reveal to you about Jesus?

How is Jesus the Bread of Life in your life?

Take a moment to write a prayer out over this verse.

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