He is the Lamb of God

In John 1:29, Jesus is called the Lamb of God. In Jewish culture, in the Old Testament, a lamb was the sacrifice for sins. Jesus as the Lamb refers to Him as the perfect and ultimate sacrifice for our sins. The whole sacrificial system established by God in the Old Testament foreshadowed the coming of Jesus Christ as our Savior. 

To fully understand who Jesus is we have to understand that He was the perfect sacrifice that saved us from an eternity apart from God. The Lamb also symbolizes gentleness, innocence and purity. 

This is one of my favorite names of Jesus because this is the name that saved my life and I will forever be grateful. 

Welcome to day 3 of Advent: He is the Lamb of God

If you have the She Matters Journal, the Dig Deep section is the perfect tool to help you study the names of Jesus.


Read and write out John 1:29. 

What does this name reveal to you about Jesus?

How is Jesus the Lamb of God in your life?

Take a moment to write a prayer out over this verse.


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