He is the Savior

As we draw closer and closer to Christmas, we need to remember that we aren't just celebrating Jesus' birth. We are also celebrating the face that He came to this earth to redeem and save us. 

We inherited a sinful nature from the beginning with the fall of Adam and Eve. Sin became the separation between us and God - both physically and spiritually. We cannot overcome sin on our own no matter how hard we try. This is the very reason why Jesus was sent to die on a cross for us. He died for our sins.

This name of Jesus is an amazing reminder of the grace we receive through the cross and His death. Christmas is not just about His birth. It's also about the hope and freedom we have received through Him. 

Welcome to day 6 of Advent: He is the Savior.

If you have the She Matters Journal, the Dig Deep section is the perfect tool to help you study the names of Jesus. If you do not, you can grab yours here.


Read and write out Luke 2:11. 

What does this name reveal to you about Jesus?

How is Jesus the Savior in your life?

Take a moment to write a prayer out over this verse.

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