She is You

Over 7 billion people live on this planet. Billions more have lived before us, and we don't know how many will come after us. But, we do know that there has never been, and will never be anyone exactly like you. God created you with your very own quarks, talents, weaknesses, and personality unique to you.
We all have our own story, but with one beautiful thing in common. God made us. You matter. I matter. She matters. And, she is you! You are so loved by our Creator that it is crazy. He loves us wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Do you know what that means? That means that He loves every bit of you no matter what you have done. Been a jerk lately? Me too. He still loves us and desperately wants a relationship with us.
This is why we created the She Matters Journal. Can you think of anything greater than getting to know, on a super personal level, the One who created you? The Journal was created to help you have your quiet time with Him. To just sit in His presence and really dig deep into His Word.
Join in with the ladies that have already started diving into the Journal, or even send one to a dear woman in your life to go through together. Order yours here.

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