Staying Motivated with your Quiet Time


Hey friends! I know that life can get crazy busy no matter what season you are in and finding the time for everything can get pretty daunting. Scheduling time to sit down and spend with Jesus can sometimes get put on the back burner. I have heard, and it’s so true, that you will make time for the things you want most. That yoga class at your local gym you and a friend love going to? You’ll make sure not to miss that. Coffee with a friend? Even if it’s last minute, you’ll move your schedule around just to make it happen. 

So why aren’t we that protective over our time with Jesus? I don’t necessarily believe that it’s because we don’t want to spend the time with Him. I think it’s making sure we protect time with Him, knowing that quiet time can and will look different depending on what season of life we are in, and staying motivated to dig into the Word. 

Today, I want to give you some tips to help you stay motivated with your quiet time and getting to know Jesus on a more personal level. 

  1. Learn:  I believe it it key to constantly be learning. Take into consideration what other people are doing for their quiet time. What gets them excited?But don’t try to fit yourself into someone else’s mold. Just use them as a guideline. There may be something a friend does that you’d really enjoy implementing. Be a constant student. It’ll keep you focused and going.              
  2. Ask Questions: I think it is vital to have mentors in your life that you can learn from. These need to be people you respect and trust in your life. Ask important questions. Ask the hard questions. Learn together. This one goes hand in hand with number one.                                                                            
  3. Create Routines: Making a structure and getting in the rhythm is the hardest part. The routine is actually easy. Committing to it is hard at first, but gets so much easier.  Once you get over that hump and find the right rhythm for you, you’re gold. But be flexible and give yourself grace. Your routine needs to be easy and manageable. Don’t set unrealistic routines for yourself. Don’t commit to something over the top. You know what you’re capable of doing. Maybe you’re a mom and need to squeeze in time while the kids are at school or down for a nap. Maybe you go to work super early, so mornings aren’t the best time. Download the YouVersion app on your phone and read a quick devotional during your morning break or at lunch.                                    
  4. Challenge Yourself: Find activities groups that challenge and inspire you. Some of my favorites are LifeGroups with my church, Podcasts, articles, books, etc. It’s important to find things that don’t discourage you. Follow inspirational pages on social media instead of things that tear you down.         
  5. Accountability: It’s important to surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you. It’s so true that you are who you surround yourself with. Are these driven people that help you and invest in you? And are you that for them? Find the people that are your people. These are the closest people in your life. They hold you accountable and won’t just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need.                                                                                      
  6. Track your Progress: The best way to do this is make a plan. This will help you stay committed and keep going. Don’t focus on an end goal. Celebrate the daily victories. Maybe you want to keep a calendar handy and check off, color in or put a big sticker on the day that shows you your progress. Don’t make studying the Bible a thing that you do just to check off, though. This is a tool to help you, not to turn it into a monotonous thing.                                   
  7. Give yourself Grace: Listen. You’re going to get in a rut. It’s ok. But don’t give up just because you get in a rut. Maybe you have a chaotic day and you feel like you have no time for quiet time. Im hear to tell you that you do. Maybe it’s only 5 minutes. Listen to a worship song in the car. Turn everything off in your car and just pray while you’re driving to your location. Sing worship songs while you’re in the shower.  Don’t use grace as a way to get lazy, but as a way to not give up. 

I hope you find these helpful and encouraging and would love to hear how you stay motivated. Tell us below or hop on over to our social media pages and let us know. Don’t forget to share this with a friend and help them stay motivated. 

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